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Kids CrossFit

is a fun experience for kids through fitness. We want to guide young athletes to improve strength, coordination, and skill development through a fun, positive, and worthwhile CrossFit kids class.

45 minute sessions- 2 days/week


is a specifically designed program to improve fitness and health. This program is constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity.

60 minute sessions- 6 days/week

These classes are creative, fun, and productive. We want you to be part of this awesome community that encourages and pushes you as well as celebrates your successes with you! Twisted Canyon is a perfect fit for anyone, come join us!

focuses on core strength and a wide variety of movements to keep your heart rate up so you can burn more calories in less time. These movements will benefit your everyday life by working on strength, balance, and range of motion through interval training.

45 minute sessions- 5 days/week


blends technique, sounds training principles, and resistance to promote weight loss and increase metabolism. Cycling is energizing, challenging, and inspires enthusiast of all ages and fitness levels.

45 minute sessions- 5 days/week

Athletic Enhancement

These clinics are 

programmed to help improve

your sports performance.

The functional exercise program teaches teens to develop

precise skills by working on

Olympic weightlifting lifts,

zoning in on explosive movements, speed, and flexibility.

Cardio Kickboxing

is taught by the fun and energetic Kris Legner. She teaches a full body workout that incorporates variations of punching, kicking, and abs to build strength and burn calories.

45 minutes sessions- 1 day/week


is a step beyond traditional training. It can help improve your balance and flexibility, sharpen your reflexes, and reshape your body.

45 minute sessions

Personal Training

We have coaches experienced

in a variety of skill sets. If you

would like one-on-one training to focus on specific skills or goals.

We would love to train you!

CrossFit/Cardio&Core/Hot Classes

$125/month (6 month contract)

$115/month (12 month contract)

CrossFit for High School Students
or Cardio and Core only


$115/month (6 month contract)

Summer Athletic Enhancement (M, T, TH)

$180 for sessions & t-shirt

Gymnasts Summer Athletic Enhancement (T, TH)

$150 for sessions & t-shirt

Punch Cards (10 sessions)

$85 valid for 4 months

All Access Pass (unlimited)

$145/month (6 month contract)

All Access Pass + reserved bike (unlimited)

$140/month (12 month contract)

All access passes include: CrossFit, Cardio&Core, Cyling,

All HOT Classes, Kickboxing, and BOSU

Special rates are for: Scooper Card, paid a year in full, college students, couples,

active military, first responders, and teachers.

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