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Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program. We merge together weightlifing, endurance training, and gymnastics.  The best part about CrossFit is you are constantly making goals and achieving them. CrossFit is creative, fun, and productive. We want you to be part of this awesome community that encourages and pushes you as well as celebrates your successes with you!


Twisted Canyon is a perfect fit for anyone. If you're out of shape or

have only been training sporadically, do not fear. We specifically modify to your abilities and needs while introducing you to the basics of CrossFit. We focus

on proper technique during every movement and build your

cardio endurance while doing it. 

Check out all of our classes in the blog or MindBody:

CrossFit, Cardio & Core, Athletic Enhancement, Cycling, Kickboxing, and now Heated Studio classes!

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